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Mixture Ophthalmic Strips is made of filter paper treated with the mixed solution of fluorescein sodium and lissamine green. This innovative product is used to diagnose ocular disease by staining damaged corneal and conjunctival tissue at same time, which reduces pain generated by multiple examinations.



Each strip includes 0.3 mg fluorescein sodium and 0.4 mg lissamine green. 10 strips/box.



1.Diagnose corneal and conjunctival diseases simultaneously

2.Significantly reduce clinic testing time. 

3.Significantly reduce patient’s uncomfortable experience.



Moisten the tip with mixed dyes by 1 or 2 drops of sterile BSS or physiological saline; touch ocular surface gently by the moistened tip; the damaged areas are stained; observe through a slit lamp or microscope. 


?Sterilized package and for single use only.

?Do not use if the package is broken.

?Avoid light and keep at room temperature.

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